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Stepping into the Blogosphere

Well, here I go…stepping into the world of the blogosphere.  Our new website includes a RECTOR’s Blog…so I thought it would be good to make use of it.  If anyone knows what BLOG stands for…means…please let me know.

I hope to use this venue as a means to communicate…commend…encourage…reflect.  I thought it would be good first and foremost to say thank you to everyone who was involved in bringing our new website together…the process started in 2009…Jay Bryant, Brian Decker, Phil Larsen, Elizabeth Larsen, Betsy Bornholdt, Justin Chapman…this group worked on the initial development…Hal Sundt spent some time during the summer months…continuing the work.

We then employed a consultant who works at the Mayo Clinic under the supervision of Jane Jacobs…who took our initial project and put together the design you see on the website.  Betsy Bornholdt has spent the last few months working on each section.

Throughout this process, I have come to appreciate how much I don’t know about web design and how much I rely on the gifts and skills of others…to make communication occur.  I have also learned that a website is a dynamic thing…ever changing…always in need of updating…I have also learned to wait…to hope…for something to be ready…it is an Advent Lesson…so it is appropriate that our new website debut during Advent!

So, I want to thank everyone who had a part in bringing this website to its present status…and I encourage you to contribute to it…it is another tool for our use in communicating…sharing our Joys and Hopes and Expectations…in participating in God’s Mission of restoration and healing…manifest in Jesus…whose coming we await!

Please visit the website…www.stlukesepiscopal.org  and our facebook page as well St. Luke’s Episcopal Church – Rochester, MN…

Advent Blessing!


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  1. carndt
    December 19, 2010 at 10:38 pm

    The new web site design looks really good! Congrats to all who contributed so much time and effort into putting together a professional-appearing site designed to grow and to evolve.

    FYI: “blog” is a shortened form of “web log,” the early name for the concept of creating a space for logging one’s thoughts and musings onto the World Wide Web.

  2. janej
    December 17, 2010 at 2:45 pm

    Welcome to the online community! I’m looking forward to some active conversations!

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