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The Episcopal Church welcomes you…

            Where ever you are on your Faith Journey, the people of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church welcome you!  Remember hearing that?  It was part of the welcome made every Sunday at St. Luke’s over the last few years.  What does it mean to welcome someone…where ever they are?  Over the last few weeks, seven or eight people in our Faith Community have been focused intentionally on various aspects of Evangelism and Incorporation.  This initiative was begun by Linda Pagnano, a newly elected member of our Vestry.  She asked if would could gather some people interested in this important aspect of our life.  Those present at our first meeting were Linda Pagnano, Kay Batchelder, Clayton Arndt, Diane O’Mara, Tami Walker and me.  At our next meeting, we welcomed Kate Thornton, Anne Shelby and Bert Reiman into this working group.

            This initiative is wonderful and I hope that you thank each of these persons for taking the time to focus on the aspects of evangelism and incorporation.  The scope of their work began with a broad look at our physical plant…entry ways…signage…cleanliness…clutter…communication…just to mention a few.  The group will continue to identify various aspects but is also committed to setting some particular goals to be accomplished over the next three months then six months etc.

             If you have some feedback or additional ideas or suggestions, please contact one of the members of this Working Group on Evangelism and Incorporation.

Every blessing,


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