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Gifts are WELCOMED…in our Missional Faith Community

28 July 2011

 Grace and peace be with you in the Risen Christ!

My last blog post was on Friday, 27 May…the day before I left Habana Vieja in Cuba!  Almost two months have past since that time and from the time I returned…I feel like I have been trying to catch up…our program year was ending…Faith Formation…some of our Outreach Ministries…preparing for a significant transition in our Shared Ministry relationship with Justin Chapman’s ministry among us coming to an end and Colin Maltbie’s ministry among us beginning…planning to interview candidates for our Director of Music position…

We find ourselves in the midst of transitions…endings and beginnings, beginnings and endings.  A Faith Community is a dynamic community…always looking for the opportunity to invite…welcome…introduce…share our story…share our hopes and dreams…with those interested…open…on a journey…

Summer is a time when more transitions seem to take place…residencies begin…planning for a new job or new school occurs!  Summer is a time to consider our relationships with one another…with our brothers and sisters in Faith.  Summer provides an opportunity for us to change…adapt…amend patterns that may no longer serve us well.  We are in the midst of change and adaptation…which requires patience and a generosity of spirit from all of us…as we continue to discern what it means for us to be a church engaging God’s mission…to be a missional church…to be a community of disciples equipped to participate in God’s mission.  So I ask you to consider this question…what particular gifts do you want to offer our Missional Faith Community…again…what gifts do you want to offer our Missional Faith Community?

Every gift and tool we need to participate in God’s mission has been given to us…we are gifted and graced with God’s Holy Spirit!

Every blessing,


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  1. Lynn
    August 1, 2011 at 10:53 pm

    Sometimes it is difficult to know exactly what gift I have to offer. Mostly, I would offer my positive attitude. Also, to be an encourager on our journey. I believe that God has big plans for the St. Luke’s faith community. Not because it’s St. Luke’s but because of who He is. I will continue to lift us to the Lord!!!

  2. Chuck
    August 1, 2011 at 2:27 pm

    It’s a circle of faith. As one new beginning starts an old one fades into the sunset. This is our chance to start many new beginnings and nurture them along the way. We are blessed to have a facility that accommodates many ventures.

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