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Congregational Growth includes numbers and much more…

As part of my presentation regarding Evangelism and Incorporation for the Wardens and Vestry, I thought it would be helpful to list the number of new persons who have come to be part of St. Luke’s since early 2010.  What a blessing and source of hope for us.  I rarely do this publically but thought it would be good to list the new members of St. Luke’s:

Jean Currie; Tom Penney and Linda Marshall and their daughter, Shannon; Sarah and Jeff Martinak and their son, Evan; Nora Dooley and Joon Uhm, and their daughter, Sarah; Kim and Mike Harris and their sons, Nathan and Evan; Jessemy Neiger and Robert Jungman; Julia and John Briese; Laura and Lee Kraemer; Maggie and Randy Goss and their children, Grayson and Emma; Monika Kujawa; Jennifer and Derek Schutz and their children, Anessa and Keegan; Amy and Cory Nelson and their children, Grace and Bryce; Erica and Jude Yahn and their children, Ayden and Taryn; Barbara Claire and Kurtis Pitcher; Alexis Sarros; Aba and Eric Ofori-Atta and their children, Alexandra, Justin, Jiles and Alison; Barbara Campbell; Irene Dewalt and Anne Kelly!

I shared this news with the Vestry at our meeting last week and all we could do was give thanks.  By God’s grace, we have been chosen by these individuals to be a community they want to be part of…they have chosen us!

These 50 people come with various religious experiences from other Episcopal Communities and Lutheran and Methodist and Roman Catholic and Presbyterian Communities.  They come with gifts…for service, for singing, for bell ringing, for leadership, for visitation…all of these gifts and others…to be used for mission and ministry!

Our community has been richly blest and I hope you take the opportunity to meet some of these new people among us!  I know that many of you already have.

Earlier this year, we incorporated a Service of Welcoming for New Members into our Sunday Worship.  I hope to plan a similar service on a few Sundays to welcome these new persons into our Life in Christ…at St. Luke’s!

I look forward to seeing you next Sunday!

Your comments and THANKSGIVING are most welcomed!

Every blessing,


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  1. Kay B.
    October 1, 2011 at 8:41 pm

    We are delighted to see the list of new members, some of whom we know and some we do not know. We are especially pleased to see many have kids, a fact that is enlivening for those of us who came with kids many years ago. Several “New Member Sundays” would be a great way to see and meet them. Several weekly worship opportunities make it difficult to see everyone.

    Kay and Chris Batchelder

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