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Advent Gathering…to remember and give thanks…

On Wednesday evening, 14 December, about 20 people gathered in the Chapel for a Memorial Service…an opportunity to remember several people who had been part of our Lay Eucharistic Visitation Ministry at St. Luke’s and had died recently.  George Seeley and Jeanne Bean had been part of the visitation ministry of St. Luke’s for several years.  The death of a parish member is a deep loss and this is especially true for those who visited George and Jeanne over the years.  We remembered others in our Faith Community who had died during the past year…especially Douglas Pritchard and Delores Cockroft…and we remembered other persons as well…whom we brought with us in our hearts!

There is no order of service for these kinds of gatherings…so we gathered…and as we gathered I invited each person to take a blue taper for each person they would like to remember.  After a Centering Prayer and a Scripture Reading from 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18, people were invited to name the person they would like to remember, light the taper from the Easter Candle…and if they wished…to offer some words of reflections.  One by one…names were spoken…blue tapers were lighted and then we prayed and listened and laughed and cried…as we remembered…mothers…fathers…sisters…brothers…sons…daughters…all…friends in Christ!

The tapers were bright and warm…as were those whom we remembered.  A pastoral need was met last evening…and I am so grateful for the privilege to remember the gifts of those persons who have gone before us in faith!

We’ll gather like this again!

Advent blessings,


Serving as Rector / Pastor

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