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In the bleak Midwinter…what can I give him…give my heart!

It’s is Wednesday, 18 January, the Feast of the Confession of St. Peter which begins the Annual Week of Prayer for Christian Unity!  In encourage you to give thanks for our sisters and brothers who are part of the Christian Faith and pray in thanksgiving for the relationship of Full Communion we share with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Moravian Church.

For those of us in Minnesota, the days are getting less dark but tonight into tomorrow morning, we expect to have temperatures below zero…the first since the beginning of the year.  In the bleakness of the winter, there are many reasons to hope.  We have just concluded our celebration of the Christmas Season…the mysteries of Jesus’ birth…the visitation by the wise sages from afar who followed the star…to Jesus’ Baptism in the Jordan River by John…and the Spirit descending upon him and a voice from the heaven’s proclaiming him God’s Beloved…with whom God is well pleased!  On the First Sunday after the Epiphany, we were given the gift of Liturgical Dance to the hymn “Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day.”  It enhanced our common worship and I hope we will have other opportunities for Liturgical Dance.  You can click the button to view it.

We are called to manifest God’s Light…God’s Hope…God’s Love in the world.  The people of St. Luke’s continue to be a light to the world.  Each year, we are given the opportunity to reflect on our participation in God’s Mission and Ministry during the year just ended and to consider and identify the invitations for mission and ministry ahead of us in 2012.  We have made adaptations to the way we meet so that everyone can participate in our Annual Meeting.  Part 1 – Annual Report and Elections will take place on Sunday, 29 January beginning at 9 a.m.  Part 2 will continue on Sunday, 5 February beginning at 9 a.m.

Please visit the website address pasted below for further information and material needed to be prepared for our Annual Meeting.


May you be blessed!


Serving as Rector / Pastor

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