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Conversations about Marriage and Marriage Equality

Over 20 years ago, I was visiting a young family with two children, a daughter and a son.  They had visited our Faith Community and expressed interest in finding out about the Episcopal Church.  The parents had been formed in the Christian Faith in the Methodist and Roman Catholic denominations and were looking for a Christian Community to call their own!  As I was leaving, Kerry said she had to confess to make.  Ever since they had been coming to St. Gregory’s, their daughter Emily would come home on Sunday afternoon and go upstairs to her bedroom and Play Church…giving communion to her stuffed animals and pets and her parents as well.  Then she said something that has had a profound influence on my life ever since.  “We’ve decided to become part of the Episcopal Church because it is a Faith Community that would welcome our daughter in ordained ministry if she felt so called!”  WOW…that was a life changer for me!

As you can appreciate, becoming a denomination that welcomes women in ordained ministry took a long time and was not without controversy.  Important decisions require respectful conversation and listening.

In May of 2011, the Minnesota House decided to place before the voters of our state a proposed Constitutional Amendment regarding marriage as the union between one man and one woman.  This amendment will be included on each voter’s ballot this November.

At our Diocesan Convention in October of 2011, a resolution opposing the proposed Constitutional Amendment banning same sex marriage was adopted by the Episcopal Church in Minnesota.  The text of the resolution reads,

Resolved, the Episcopal Church in Minnesota opposes the proposed amendment to the Constitution of the State of Minnesota banning same-sex marriage. Furthermore the Church will join other denominations and non-profit organizations in signing the “Resolution against the Constitutional Amendment to Ban Marriage for Same-Sex Couples” as prepared and presented by Minnesotans United for All Families:

We oppose the amendment to the Minnesota Constitution banning same-sex marriage. Minnesotans United for All Families may use my organization’s name in opposition to the constitutional amendment banning the legal recognition of same-sex couples.’

I believe it is important to provide an opportunity…a safe and respectful space… for people to engage in civil discourse about this issue.  To this end, I am inviting you to consider participating in this four part discourse during Lent.  Two opportunities each week will be made available, one on Sunday morning during our regular Sunday Forum time from 9 to 9:50 a.m. and another on Tuesday evening from 7 to 8 p.m.  Over the four Sundays (4,11,18,25 March) or four Tuesdays (6,13,20,27 March) you will be invited to a process of active and respectful listening.  It is my hope and expectation that you participate in the entire process if at all possible.  The session topics and brief outline will be made available on the website by 2 March 2012.  The Wardens and Vestry are supportive of this initiative which we discussed on Monday, 20 February 2012 at our monthly meeting.

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  1. gus braga
    February 25, 2012 at 11:07 am

    i think its also important to say that if the amendment succeeds, It will become part of the Constitution, which will close the opportunities in the future for many of these discriminatory issues(health ins., right to end of life family support , child adoption, public acceptance, holy communiion, to name a few), to turn around for what are basic human American rights.

  2. Kay B.
    February 23, 2012 at 4:18 pm

    It is important to preface all this with the fact that the state of Minnesota already has a law on its books that states that marriage is only between a man and a woman in the state of Minnesota. That is law. So if the amendment fails, there will not be a rash of same sex marriages taking take place in the state.as feared by some of the backers of the amendment.

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