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UPDATE on St. Luke’s in transition…1 May 2012

Near the end of March, just after our Vestry Retreat, I blogged about our Faith Community in transition…intentionally changing the way we are organized…how we make decisions…how we engage God’s mission and ministry!

Well…since March, those of us in elected leadership and our staff have been intentional about changing…we have looked at every aspect of our congregational life including our relationship with St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Kasson…and have made some important decisions and adaptations that we believe CLARIFY AND ENHANCE our ability to engage in the mission and ministry God calls us to embrace as Episcopal Christians!

First of all, we have redefined our relationship to St. Peter’s Episcopal Church in Kasson and most importantly, given clarity to the role of our curate, the Rev. Colin Maltbie.  We had hoped that the NEXT season of our relationship with St. Peter’s would focus on discerning, forming and commissioning or ordaining a Shared Ministry Team populated by people from both of our Faith Communities.  However, after considerable reflection, that hope does not seem possible to achieve at this time in the life of our Faith Communities.  So, we have redefined the relationship as one primarily focused around a CURACY PROCESS, that is, sharing the ministry of a newly ordained / seminary – trained priest who will serve as an assisting priest at St. Luke’s and priest in charge at St. Peter’s.  Fr. Colin’s primary focus at St. Luke’s will be as a staff resource for Faith Formation and Youth and Young Family Ministry.  He will be at St. Luke’s two Sundays each month and at St. Peter’s two Sunday each month.  Because of this redefinition, I will no longer be going to St. Peter’s one Sunday a month.  I will continue to serve as a Supervising Priest / Mentor for Colin during the curacy process.

Secondly, we have redefined the role of each Staff person…to serve as a resource to the various Working Groups and Committees in our Congregational Life.  I am so grateful to those persons who have agreed to serve as FACILITATORS for our Working Groups.  These generous folks will meet next Wednesday, 9 May, to begin the challenging work of organizing and inviting others to join them in their work!  I have listed below the Area of our Congregational Life, their Working Groups, the Facilitator(s) and in parenthesis, the Staff Person(s) serving as a resource to the Working Group (WG).

Administration and Facility

Buildings and Grounds WG:  Bill Hammer (Karen Gould / Oscar Quiñones)

Finance Committee:  Al Lichty (Karen Gould / Doug Sparks)

Evangelism and Incorporating New Believers

Communication WG:  Dana Sparks (Betsy Bornholdt)

Hospitality WG:  Amy Caucutt (Karen Gould)

Social Activities WG:  Julie Phyliky, Judy So, Erica Yahn (Doug Sparks / Colin Maltbie)

Faith Formation WG:  Liz Daugherty (Colin Maltbie / Lucas Klaehn)

Outreach WG:  Robin Caldwell (Betsy Bornholdt)

Pastoral Care WG:  Lynn Lutz (Doug Sparks)

Worship WG:  Trish Braga (Doug Sparks, Rosalie Alcoser)

Lastly, each Warden and Vestry Member has agreed to serve as a liaison to at least one area of our Congregational Life so that the Working Group or Committee has direct access to the elected leaders and decision makers of our congregation as well as the authority to act in consultation with the Vestry.  Listed below are the areas of our Congregational Life and the Warden or Vestry Member(s) serving as a liaison to that area.

Administration and Facility:  Casey Caldwell, Clayton Arndt, Brian Wilson and Bill Hammer

Evangelism and Incorporating New Believers:  Linda Pagnano, Jessica Botz

Faith Formation:  Ivy Akogyeram

Outreach:  Colleen Arnold, Tami Walker

Pastoral Care:  Kate Thornton

Worship:  Clayton Arndt, John Shelby

NOW, the challenging work begins!  Our ability to live into this important transition depends on each of you…on your willingness to offer yourself to serve on one of our WORKING GROUPS or COMMITTEES.

Please consider this a personal invitation from me…from each warden and vestry member…to offer your gifts of time and talent and energy for the sake of our Common Life!

I encourage your comments and reflections as well!

Hope to see you this weekend!


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