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Gifted with music…

On Friday, 4 May, I had the privilege to chaperone the Band, Choir and Orchestra students from Mayo High School who participated in the 80th Big Nine Conference Festival of Music.  Cathy and Pat Botz, disciples of the Risen Christ connected to our Faith Community of St. Luke’s, also chaperoned for the whole day in Faribault.  Over 4,000 high school students from 10 schools in southeastern Minnesota, gathered to play and / or sing for the whole day.  I want to extend a word of thanks to all of our high school students who participated in the day.

The day concluded with a combined band, orchestra and choir concert of select students from all 10 schools who were chosen to represent the best each school could offer.  Our Faith Community of St. Luke’s had…7…SEVEN…students chosen to be part of this wonderful celebration and I would like to identify them by name so that when you see them, you can recognize them.  Lilly Simmons, Graham Sparks and Julia Winemiller were members of the Select Band.  Andrew Botz and Alexandra Ofori-Atta were members of the Select Choir.  George Cooper and Anthony Wilson were members of the Select Orchestra.  We are blessed with so many gifted young people…and I am so grateful that their gifts are called forth and welcomed and recognized in our worship at St. Luke’s.

As many of you know, Bella Voce Young Women’s Choir rehearses at St. Luke’s.  This beautiful choir is concluding its fifth year.  On Sunday afternoon, I had the privilege to be gifted with music again.  Once again, three young women are part of Bella Voce and the Bellettes:  Stacy Bornholdt, Julia Winemiller and Elena Wilson.  What a beautiful concert…

Just before the Bella concert, the Med City Brass gifted many of us with a concert at St. Luke’s of Gershwin music and other wonderful pieces.  Please thank Rosalie Alcoser for making it possible for the Med City Brass to use our worship space for their concert.

The gift of music…the gift of singers and instrumentalists and dancers…all offering themselves…their gifts…to inspire and enrich all of us!

Thank you!


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  1. Cathy Botz
    May 11, 2012 at 2:02 pm

    I too noticed those astounding numbers Doug. So glad you called that out. Our young people have always been and continue to be an astounding gift to the congregation!

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