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We received an unexpected GIFT this week…

On Tuesday morning, I was sitting in my office when Karen came to my office door and said, “We just received a check from the Delores Cockroft Estate and you won’t believe how much it is…One Hundred Twenty Thousand Dollars!”  WOW!  We were both overwhelmed with the news!

One Hundred and Twenty Thousand Dollars…a generous…and unexpected gift…given by generous founding members of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church!  Delores and her husband, Merwin “Tip” were part of those courageous people who took a risk 52 years ago and became part of the Mission Church in Northwest Rochester!  Delores and Tip loved this community and made sacrifices for this Community of Faith.  They were humble people who worked hard…day after day…and remembered St. Luke’s in their Financial Planning…they loved this Community so much…that they gifted us with a portion of their estate so that they could continue to gift us when they became part of that great cloud of witnesses…the Communion of Saints!

Since 2004, the Finance Committee, Wardens and Vestry have made intentional decisions to once again begin to develop the St. Luke’s Endowment Fund.  It was established several years ago and because of some financial challenges, we borrowed principal from the endowment to pay our operational expenses.  But, because of the generous gifts of other founding members, we have been able to pay back what we borrowed. We also adopted a policy to deal with any unrestricted bequest that we received.  If there was an outstanding pledge balance, we would use a portion of the gift to pay off the pledge balance and the remaining amount would be placed in the St. Luke’s Endowment Fund.

By God’s Providence, we have received this generous gift and I thought I would take this opportunity to invite you to consider remembering St. Luke’s in your Estate and Financial Planning.  The Finance Committee met in early May and it is our hope to focus on the St. Luke’s Endowment Fund as part of a Jubilee Celebration Campaign. .You will hear more about this effort as the process develops.

So, would you consider remembering St. Luke’s Episcopal Church in your Estate and Financial Planning?  I have included a brochure which was developed several years ago by the St. Luke’s Endowment Board.  The brochure is being updated but remains a useful tool for your planning.

Lastly, would you remember with me…all those wonderful folks who are part of that great cloud of witnesses…the Communion of Saints…who have given of their time, their gifts…and their financial resources to support our ongoing participation in God’s Mission of reconciliation and restoration in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus, the Risen Christ?

I encourage your comments…especially about Delores and Tip and others who have gifted our Faith Community!

Every blessing,


Opportunities for Giving to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church

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  1. Robin Caldwell
    May 25, 2012 at 7:32 pm

    Wow is right!!! What a generous gift.

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