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A Significant Change in our Shared Ministry / Curacy Relationship with St. Peter’s

On Wednesday, 26 September, as part of our weekly meeting, Fr. Colin shared with me a letter which had been sent to the Members and Friends of St. Peter’s informing them that “the vestry has decided after much deliberation, to call Fr. Colin Maltbie to serve as full-time priest at St. Peter’s Church.”

As you can imagine, this news came as a surprise to me.  While I completely support the Vestry of St. Peter’s Church in Kasson to make plans and decisions that enable them to engage God’s mission more fully, as a partner in our Shared Ministry /Curacy Relationship since 2008, I am saddened that the Wardens and/or Vestry of St. Luke’s were not invited into a conversation about their plans before a decision to call Fr. Colin was shared publically.

I was aware that St. Peter’s had a Congregational Meeting on Sunday, 29 July to explore their future.  At our weekly meeting just after Fr. Colin returned from vacation on 20 August, he indicated that they had offered him a three quarter time position but that he and Aurora discussed the offer and declined it and that the congregation was going to focus on a building campaign to expand their kitchen because of the success of their Wednesday Evening Meals.  So their decision to call him full time and Fr. Colin’s decision to accept the call came as a complete surprise.

Both of our Faith Communities entered into this Shared Ministry Relationship with a sense of hope and possibility.  Both of our Faith Communities have benefitted from the ministry of the Rev. Justin Chapman and the Rev. Colin Maltbie.  Along the journey, changes and adjustments were made to our relationship in response to the issues and concerns raised to make it possible for both curates to have greater clarity in their roles and responsibilities.  A Shared Ministry Working Group was established from the beginning in hopes of addressing various concerns and issues which arose along the way.  The membership of the Working Group also changed in response to an expressed desire to have people with authority from both Faith Communities be part of the group in order to address issues and concerns more immediately and effectively.

I believe that in 2007, God was calling both of our Faith Communities to take a risk in the hopes of Congregational Growth…to try something innovative and creative…to participate in the formation of a newly ordained person…to benefit from the ministry of Fr. Justin and Fr. Colin…and most importantly, to keep our hearts and hopes focused on the presence of the Holy Spirit that we may see resurrection ever about us.  I also believe that some initiatives are blessed and used by God for a certain time or season and then come to an end.  I believe this is true about our Shared Ministry / Curacy Relationship with St. Peter’s.

I have every confidence that the people of St. Peter’s, at their Congregational Meeting next Sunday, 7 October, will vote to move ahead with their three year plan.  Then the wardens from St. Luke’s and St. Peter’s and Fr. Colin and I will meet to plan his leave taking.

The Wardens and Vestry of St. Luke’s will begin to address our staffing challenges and changes at our Vestry Meeting on Monday, 15 October.

A copy of the St. Peter’s Letter and Fr. Colin’s Acceptance of their Call can be found here.

A copy of Fr. Colin’s Letter to the People of St. Luke’s can be found here.

If you have further concerns or questions, please ask.

May we continue to see Resurrection ever about us!

Every blessing,


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