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With Gratitude…for the labor of so many!

I am so grateful for all of those who labored to make pastries and sandwiches and truffles…who set beautiful tables elegantly…for a lovely Traditional High Tea…that has become part of what we are remembered for affectionately by many…who look forward to this semi annual event!

I am also grateful for those persons in our Chancel Choir and others who offered their voices and our Director of Music…so that we could feature…for the first time…HOLDEN EVENING PRAYER…as part of Choral Evensong in late January…as the darkness begins to be scatter by the coming of Christ our Light!

We had hoped to find another Sunday afternoon…before the Season of Lent begins…but given the earliness of Easter…it is not possible to arrange for another time this year!

I want to thank Marg Lichty and Kay Batchelder who planned and coordinated the preparations for our TRADITIONAL HIGH TEA…as well as Linda Mansfield, Ron Menaker, Julie Phyliky, Alan Lichty, Megan Lichty, Andrew Botz, Cathy Botz, Kristi Simmons, Cara Schmidt, Caroline Hartman, Linda McCarty, Sharon Parham, Kim Harris, Sara Wiersbeck, Mark Wiersbeck, Jane Reiman, Bert Reiman, Sue Butler, Babs Larsen, Elizabeth Larsen, Erica Yahn, Dorothy Crowle, Kit Vreeman, Barb Heins, Linda Moskalik, Dana Sparks, Helen Higgins, Barbara Claire Pitcher, Vi Johnson, Chris Batchelder, Ivy Akogyeram, Robin Caldwell, Sue Engelman, Nancy Brubaker, Karen Ostrander and Claire Laedtke.  All of these wonderful folk…gave of their time and energy and resources to make food for the High Tea!

I want to thank Rosalie Alcoser, our Director of Music and the members of the St. Luke’s Chancel Choir…Jane Reiman, John Jacobs, Linn Kezer, Nancy Brubaker, Judy So, Harold Solbrig, Bert Reiman, Diane O’Mara, Richard Brubaker, Marg Lichty, Anne Shelby, Kay Batchelder, Bob Phyliky, John Shelby, Kristi Simmons, Julie Phyliky along with Kit Vreeman, Jay Bryant, Brian Moskalik, Joyce and Tom, and Andrew Dizel and Richard Harris…who prepared to sing for this special musical event of Choral Evensong featuring HOLDEN EVENING PRAYER!

I asked Marg Lichty if she would provide me with a list of folks to thank…she wrote…”These are the people who helped with the tea preparation, set-up and clean-up.  This includes cooking at home, cooking at church, assembling food, making table skirts (Thank You, Robin), supplying silver and coffee pots, decorating Fellowship Hall, cleaning up, etc.  Not to mention all those who would have helped with serving and clean up if the event hadn’t been cancelled.  It is a comprehensive list but I may have missed someone and for that I apologize. It does not include the wonderful musicians that spent so many hours preparing and the office staff and Doug.”

In our planning for next year, we will include Choral Evensong and Traditional High Tea…near the end of January…so mark your calendars!

We have food left…and Marg Lichty has prepared the following description… We are so disappointed that Evensong and High Tea had to be cancelled due to the really dangerous weather.  But, our loss is also our gain.  We have – in the freezer in the upstairs kitchen – approximately 12 dozen frozen Beef Pasties, 12 dozen frozen Spinach and Feta Phyllo Puffs, and 12 dozen Potato Cups.  For a suggested donation of $6 you can come and mix and match.  There is a PDF below with cooking instructions.

I want to express my gratitude once again for all of those who gave of themselves to make this wonderful event possible!

Every blessing,


Cooking Leftovers from High Tea at St. Luke’s

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