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Membership has its privileges…doesn’t it?

Remember that famous line…membership has its privileges?  If you belong to a health club…you have privileges.  If you belong to a team, you are extended privileges because you belong to that team.

Decker Baptism 1

What do you mean when you say you are a member of a particular church?  What privileges and responsibilities come from “being a member” of St. Luke’s?

There are multiple answers to these questions.  We have people who describe themselves as “Cradle” Episcopalians.  We have people who have come from other Christian denominations.  We have people who have become part of our Faith community who have never had a relationship with a church community.

ECMN Wordle

It is time for us to begin a conversation about the various meanings of membership.  I strive to honor the journeys and paths that have led each person to seek a relationship with the Faith community we call St. Luke’s because I believe God continues to draw and invite every person into a life giving relationship within the fellowship of a Faith community.  Sometimes we recognize the presence of God and at other times, we may feel a sense of God’s distance  or absence.  Some people may feel uncomfortable saying that they belong to a church or that they are a Christian.  Others have been harmed and wounded by persons who are part of the church.

So, I would like to invite us to begin this conversation.  If you are 70 years of age or older, if you are in your mid 50’s, if you are part of the Gen X generation or born in the early 1990’s, each of you matter and your perspective is valued and needs to heard, your hopes and fears and dreams need to be shared.  So please join me this Sunday, 10 November during the Sunday Forum in the Fellowship Hall.  The Forum begins at 9:10 a.m.  As I said, I want to start the conversation…this Sunday and my hope is that we will have ongoing conversations with each other.

In preparation for our conversation, I have pasted an article entitled “The Church made implausible” that I encourage you to read.


Come with your questions; come with your insights and hopes!

See you Sunday!


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