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It’s time to REIMAGINE The Episcopal Church…

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It’s time to reimagine the Episcopal Church…

As you reflect over your experiences with The Episcopal Church, what is your best memory?

What is the one thing The Episcopal Church should hold on to and the one thing it could let go of?

Imagine it’s 10 years in the future and you are talking to a good friend about The Episcopal Church.  You say, “The thing that gives me most joy about The Episcopal Church these days is…

What one thing could you do to help The Episcopal Church through this change?

These four questions are the questions each of us at St. Luke’s are encouraged to ask as we participate in the work of REIMAGINING the Episcopal Church.

In 2012, the General Convention created a taskforce to reimagine The Episcopal Church for the future. Members of the taskforce want to hear the memories, hopes and dreams that people have for the Church. The taskforce is meeting with as many people as they can over the next few months. They will use what we hear to help us shape recommendations for the Church’s structure, administration and governance.

So, I invite you to join with others in our Faith Community on Sunday, 12 January and Sunday, 19 January during the Sunday Forum time (9:10 – 9:50) in Fellowship Hall to engage in an imaginative conversation about The Episcopal Church!  Our responses to these questions will be shared with the taskforce.

If you would like more information about this process, you can click on the URL address below.


If you would like to read a letter to the church from the members of the taskforce, you can click on the URL address below.


I look forward to our imagining together!


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