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The gifts you have received…give as a gift!

Rething Church  Gardening

We have passed the halfway mark in the Season of Easter!  On Thursday, 29 May, we will celebrate the Fortieth Day in the Easter Season…the Day of the Ascension…when the Risen Christ ascended into heaven…and promised to send Another…the Holy Spirit…the Comforter…the Paraclete…to gift those Believers…those Disciples of the Risen Christ…with gifts for Mission!

On Sunday, 8 June, we will celebrate the Fiftieth Day in the Easter Season…the Day of Pentecost…when the Holy Spirit descended upon those believers and gifted them for God’s Mission!

Over the next few weeks, you will be invited to consider offering your gifts…in reading, in singing, in teaching…in visiting…and in so many other ways…which enrich our ability as a Faith Community to participate in God’s Mission of Renewal, Reconciliation and Restoration!

colored hands

On the table in the Church Entry way, there are YELLOW MINISTRY OPPORTUNITY Sheets that you are invited to complete.  The Ushers and Greeters will be distributing them as well.  A PDF of the MINISTRY OPPORTUNITY Sheet can be found at the bottom of this Blog Post.  Please take the time to consider how you might offer your gifts within and beyond our Faith Community!  You are invited to place your completed sheet in the Offering Basin or drop it by the Parish Office.

We are richly gifted…and blest!

Thank you for offering your gifts!


Ministry Opportunities 2014 – 2015

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