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Weekly Lifelines 6/28/2020 Rector’s Note

This month marks the end of an era at St. Luke’s. In a few days, Betsy Bornholdt will conclude more than twenty years of faithful service to St. Luke’s in a variety of roles, most recently as Staff Resource for Communication and Outreach.
Betsy has done a truly incredible job. She led our community in developing new outreach programs. Her unique talent and connection helped to build our relationship with Sunset Terrace. She has been instrumental in ensuring that struggling people across our community get connected to the help they need. The catchy posters and brochures you see around St. Luke’s are Betsy’s marvelous handiwork. She has managed the Lifelines production and kept our website looking sharp. Behind the scenes, her advice has been invaluable to me in discerning how best to help people coming to us for assistance. And all the while, Betsy has been working incredibly hard to sustain and support St. Luke’s incredible diversity of outreach efforts. I’m deeply grateful for her work, for the gifts she’s shared with our community, and for her spirit.
I know that Betsy’s not one who likes to be the center of attention. At her request, we aren’t throwing a big send off party for her. So I hope she’ll forgive me for celebrating her here in the Lifelines.
Betsy, I speak for the vestry, and I think for all of St. Luke’s: We couldn’t have done all these amazing works of outreach without you. We are deeply grateful for you and for your work. We will miss your presence on St. Luke’s staff and we wish you all the best.
Thank you!
With gratitude,
P.S. We’re also expressing our appreciation to Betsy with a gift. We’re collecting funds which she’s indicated she’d like to invest with an outreach program of her choosing. You’re invited to participate by sending a check to St. Luke’s office, earmarked for Betsy’s gift, before June 30.
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