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Weekly Lifelines 8/16/2020

A couple of poems have been speaking to me this week, and I want to share them with you. They’re written by William Virgil Davis, an award-winning poet and Professor of English and Writer-in-Residence at Baylor University.
The Passing
The time has come and gone again
although we never knew it,
even though we were standing there
together and waiting, watching.
It passed us while we were there,
standing together in the rain,
and watching, waiting, expecting it.
The rain was not raining hard.
That hadn’t bothered us, distracted us.
Still, it came and went quickly, quietly,
unobtrusively, while we waited,
watching expectantly, in the light rain.
We never knew the way, couldn’t get there
for the going. All day the sky had been grey
with a light mist falling. Not knowing what
we were looking for or finding had found,
we were anxious to finish whatever it was
we’d begun, to have this day put away,
on the calendar, in the album, where if we
wanted to we could take it out later and
examine it—fixed, unchanged, framed,
defined, a piece of history, even if our own.
It comes to this: we choose the life we live.
For years now I have been carrying one
small smooth stone to a nameless shrine.
On a decidedly more prosaic note, I’ll to reiterate my invitation from last week: If you would like an in-person visit from me, if you’d like to help figure out how to safely do in-person worship, or if you’re up for helping out with hosting Sunday worship, please get in touch with me.
With gratitude and blessings,
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