St. Luke’s Episcopal Church is proud of the outreach programs we provide for our immediate neighborhood, the community of Rochester, statewide, nationally and beyond. We have a tradition of being actively involved in the lives of those in need. Over the years we have contributed to many worthy causes and continue to do so. The programs listed here are ones to which we have a long-term commitment.  Please join the many people who make a difference in the needs of others.

2016 Outreach Video


    • Barb Heins
    • Sarah Klaehn
    • Barbara Lovett
    • Linda Mansfield
    • Susan McReynolds
    • Diane O’Mara
    • Barbara Solbrig
    • Deb Whicker

Local Outreach Ministries
Statewide Outreach Ministries
National/Global Outreach Ministries

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