Reach High

Become a Mentor for an Elementary Student

Become a Mentor for an Elementary Student

Reach High is a mentoring program that matches caring parishioners with students from Sunset Terrace Elementary School. There are many children that are in need of a mentor and prayer partner one hour a week from October – May. They need assistance with things like homework and developing friendships with a caring adult.

A Reach High Mentor is asked to make a commitment to provide one-on-one mentoring for one child from grades 1 – 5. They will use materials provided by the teacher to help the student achieve a specific objective. A one hour a week commitment is all that is needed. Teachers are willing to work around work schedules and vacations. To be a mentor you just need a love for children, reliability, and the ability to maintian a confidential relationship.

A Reach High Prayer Partner is asked to make a commitment to faithfully pray for a mentor and the student he/she is assigned. They will have contact with the mentor on a regular basis to get a progress report on what may need to be prayed for. Prayer is the foundation of this program. Your willingess to keep the mentor and student in your prayers is critical for its success.

Please consider helping out our neighborhood children by becoming a Reach High Mentor or Prayer Partner. There are many children at Sunset Terrace that are in need of your help. If you are interested in sharing your time with a child in need, please contact Betsy at 507-288-2469 or

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