Haiti Mission Trip


Haiti Mission / Vision Hope For Haiti

Many exciting things have happened since we were last there.  The water well is nearly complete.  Only the filtration system is missing from their well building and that should be installed within the next few weeks.  This will provide easy access to clean water to hundreds of families!  In Haiti, things are different.  St. Luke’s stepped up in a big way to fully fund this well.  This is such an amazing gift St. Luke’s has given to Haiti.  I hope you are as proud of it as I am!

What a concept for us as Americans to think about what a blessing this is, especially when all we need to do is turn a handle to access our water.

The sewing/multi-purpose building is well under way.  The foundation and frame work is up and ready for the walls.  Since we were last there, the Vision Hope for Haiti staff went through insane amounts of paperwork and meetings and visits to get their official paperwork from the Haitian government recognizing them as a non-profit organization.  This is a big deal and a necessary step in the process of moving forward.

We talked a lot with the Vision Hope for Haiti staff about next steps, fundraising, websites, how to create sustainable income, etc., but our greatest focus was the school project.  Education is so very important in Haiti and every one on the staff is in agreement that this is where we need to focus our efforts next.  A place where children are safe, fed and educated.  Something we also take for granted here in America.  In Haiti, school is neither free nor guaranteed.  In a country where the literacy rate is just over 50%, education would literally change the country.  We visited a plot of land and we stood in the grass and prayed that God would make a way.  We prayed that God who can move mountains can surely help us build a school for His children.  The plot of land is over $50,000 USD, but God can make a way and we are willing to put in the work needed to help this project succeed.


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