Lenten Outreach Project

Mission Opportunity 2017 / Engaging God’s Mission of Racial Reconciliation

The Diocese Mission Opportunity 2017 focuses on racial reconciliation and creating safe space to tell our stories.  The complex issues of race have dominated news headlines and now ECMN is asking that we, as individuals and communities, create opportunities for holy listening, learning, and action around racial reconciliation.


Lenten 2017 Outreach Focus – Ash Wednesday (March 1st) through Holy Saturday (April 15th)


The Diversity Council is an organization hat began in 1989 as Building Equality Together (BET) when the leadership of Rochester Public Schools recognized the need to combat racism and discrimination in our schools.  Since that time, the Diversity Council’s focus has grown to include not only students, but also the adults who are their guides to the future.

Mission:  To educate people to embrace diversity as a foundation for building a healthy, inclusive and prosperous community.

Vision:  An inclusive and welcoming community in which every individual is respected.

Please consider a donation to benefit Diversity Council’s Education Programs, which are engaging God’s mission of Racial Reconciliation.  For more detailed information and a donation form, please click on the link provided.


2017 Lenten Outreach Brochure & Donation Form

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