Pastoral Care

Eucharistic Visitor

Eucharistic Visitors are trained and licensed by the Diocese to meet with parishioners unable to attend church services, and to administer the Sacrament of Holy Communion.  For more information contact:  Lynn Lutz, e-mail.

Prayer Concerns

St. Luke’s maintains a list of parishioners and their immediate family members in need of prayer. We print this weekly in our Sunday bulletin for use in our worship service prayers and for parishioners to take home with them to have a reminder of people in need for their daily prayers. Help us keep this list current, both by adding people and taking them off when the need has passed, by calling the church office at 288-2469 or for more information contact:  Barbara Solbrig, e-mail

Funeral Receptions

Funeral receptions are usually held in the Fellowship Hall.  A group of St. Luke’s Church parishioners will work with you to plan the reception, order and serve the refreshments.  Contact:  Kay Batchelder, e-mail

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