Lay Ministry

Acolyte RecognitionAcolytes

Acolytes are a group from our congregation that help with the particulars of the worship service. Through their dedicated assistance to the clergy, the acolytes are an example to the congregation. The honor of being an acolyte provides the person with the opportunity to learn our traditions, to actively participate in the service, and to assume a position of leadership in the Parish. Contact: Charlotte Clugston, e-mail.

Altar Guild

Besides preparing the altar for each service held in the church, the Altar Guild is responsible for the cleaning of the altar, caring for sacred vessels, and obtaining necessary articles to be used at the service. The Altar Guild at St. Luke’s is a group of people that take great pride in their position of service in the church and in assisting the clergy. Contact: Laurie Bale, e-mail.

Eucharistic Minister

Eucharistic Ministers are lay people authorized to distribute the Consecrated Elements at a Celebration of Holy Eucharist, acting under the direction of the clergy exercising oversight in our Faith Community.


Readers are an important part of our worship service.  They make announcements, read the lessons, and the Prayers of the People.


Ushers and Greeters play an important role in our worship service.  They are the first people often seen when coming to St. Luke’s.  They greet parishioners and assist them in finding seating for the service.  They also assist in the offertory and bringing up of the gifts.


Recorders play an important role at the end of each service.  They are responsible for collecting the offerings, counting them and making the appropriate record of how much and from who.  Contact:  Doug Butler, e-mail.

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