Why Give?

Giving is a spiritual discipline for the giver. It is an essential element of how we learn to give ourselves completely to God. Practiced as a spiritual discipline, it informs and inspires our continuing conversion into the image of Christ.

Each and every gift that we give to support God’s work at St. Luke’s enables this church to carry out God’s work in this world. Everything we do and every expense we incur—every power bill, every paycheck, every order of coffee, every purchase of sheet music—helps us share God’s love with each other and with the world. No matter what ministries you take part in, your stewardship giving is a participation in the life and work of St. Luke’s.

“Using the gifts God gives us to do the work God calls us to do”.

How to Give

Give Online

Make your gift online and/or set up a recurring auto-payment from your bank cards or accounts through our safe and secure online Giving service. There are processing fees paid by St. Luke’s associated with this method. You may choose to cover those fees if you wish.

Additionally, other ways to give to St. Luke’s are to:

  • Set up an automated bill pay through your bank or financial institution. When you set up an automated bill pay, there are no fees for St. Luke’s.
  • Mail a physical check to St. Luke’s. When you mail (or bring in) a check, there is no fee for St. Luke’s.
  • Donate marketable securities, like stock and bond assets, to St. Luke’s. Please contact the Parish Administrator at to get the information required to transfer your charitable donation of marketable securities to St. Luke’s brokerage account.

Note: For those over 70 and 1/2, IRS rules allow for a tax-free transfer from an IRA to a charity – called a “qualified charitable distribution” or QCD. Please consult your tax advisor to learn more about this option.

Whoever you are, wherever you are in your faith journey, you are welcome in this place

St. Luke’s Episcopal Church 1884 22nd Street NW, Rochester, MN 55901
(507) 288-2469

Office Hours: Monday – Friday, 8am to 5pm

Please contact with website changes.

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