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Warden’s Corner 10/21/2021

 A few notes of interest to the parish from St Luke’s October Vestry Meeting… Steady-state finances continue for St Luke’s this fall (It is costing us about $20,000/month to run facility and program). Our treasurer reports that the rentals from bridge club usage have been $400/week, plus $125/week this fall for a community ed bridge class. There have alsoContinue reading “Warden’s Corner 10/21/2021”

Weekly Lifelines 10/7/2021

On Monday, our nation will mark,well… something. The second Monday in October is Columbus Day. Or maybe it’s IndigenousPeoples Day. Or perhaps on your calendar it’s just another unnamed Monday. It’ssomething of a theme in society these days: public observances of whateverform, once widely and unquestioningly observed, are increasingly up for debate.Whether statues, place names,Continue reading “Weekly Lifelines 10/7/2021”

Weekly Lifelines 9/30/2021

During last Wednesday’s Bible study, I stumbled into something interesting. At first, comparing Jesus’ words about salt in Mark and Matthew’s seems wholly uninteresting, but hiding beneath the translation is something cool. Here are the two versions, both from the NRSV:   “Salt is good; buy if salt has lost its saltiness, how can youContinue reading “Weekly Lifelines 9/30/2021”


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