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Weekly Lifelines 5/8/2022

It’s funny how things line up sometimes. Just this Sunday, at our meeting after church, I was musing about how we seem to be in a different phase of the pandemic. Going forward, I figured it was unlikely our worship would be majorly affected. Maybe we’d mask up again, but things were looking up, right?Continue reading “Weekly Lifelines 5/8/2022”

Weekly Lifelines 5/12/2022

What a week! In the end, nobody in the Chapman house had covid symptoms, we all tested negative, and Elizabeth returned to daycare this morning. Especially knowing how many other people in Rochester—and at St. Luke’s!—have caught it, I feel like we dodged a bullet. I know the covid symptoms for vaccinated folks and littleContinue reading “Weekly Lifelines 5/12/2022”

Warden’s Corner 4/28/2022

A few notes of interest to the parish from the April Vestry meeting….. 1) A word of warning from our Treasurer on St Luke’s finances. we are spending $22.8k/month but bringing in just $19.8K/month. Part of that is an 84% increase in natural gas costs. These costs should abate if winter ever ends, but weContinue reading “Warden’s Corner 4/28/2022”


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