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Warden’s Corner 4/22/2021

A few notes from April St Luke’s Vestry meeting of interest to the parish… Treasurer’s report was reassuring. “Our cash position is solid, our expenses are as expected, our income is as planned, and our endowment fund had a good run in the first quarter. Financially yours, Gary Whicker”. The Mission Statement which we will tryContinue reading “Warden’s Corner 4/22/2021”

Weekly Lifelines 4/15/2021

Escaping Sin through Grace I’m sharing something I wrote a few years back. I stumbled across it recently and was struck by its slightly uncomfortable use of disease transmission as metaphor.But more than that, I was caught by the helpful alternative to a common model of sin and salvation. I hope you enjoy it. WhileContinue reading “Weekly Lifelines 4/15/2021”


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