Weekly Lifelines 11/08/2020

This morning when I slipped on my mask, I was immediately reminded of the peace I felt last night. During the service, my mask had been busy absorbing smoke from the fire while I was soaking up prayers, peace, and the presence of God in community.

We gathered near the fire, under warm lights, and around the table to pray for God’s blessing and guidance. We prayed for our nation, for our faith community, for those who’ve been harmed or killed because of the pandemic, and for so much more. And we partook of that sacred meal of bread and wine that we share with Christians across time and space.

Did it change anything? Did our little congregation affect the election or pandemic or anything else? I think, in all honesty, yes we did. We didn’t bring peace to the world or straighten out our national political mess, but we did bring peace to our little corner of creation. We reoriented our own movement toward God. Finding direction and peace amidst the storm, gathering strength for the journey, being blessed to go forth and do the work God has given us to do—that makes a difference.

The life of Christian faith is marked by both movement and reflection, by decisive action and by retreat into prayer. Like Jesus heading up the mountain to pray, we also need to make time to reconnect with God, especially when the going gets tough. It isn’t selfish or callous. It’s what feeds us to keep on pursuing the Justice and Kingdom of God.

I hope you’re making time to connect with the presence of God. If you’re free on Wednesday nights at seven, please come to St. Luke’s and join me in partaking of God in community, word, and sacrament. Whatever you’re up for, know that you, along with all the members of St. Luke’s, remain in my prayers.


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