Weekly Lifelines 5/12/2022

What a week! In the end, nobody in the Chapman house had covid symptoms, we all tested negative, and Elizabeth returned to daycare this morning. Especially knowing how many other people in Rochester—and at St. Luke’s!—have caught it, I feel like we dodged a bullet. I know the covid symptoms for vaccinated folks and littleContinue reading “Weekly Lifelines 5/12/2022”

Weekly Lifelines 4/14/2022

As I anticipate our celebration of the Triduum and our worship on Good Friday, I’maware that the crucifixion isn’t the primary way I connect to the story of Jesus. Theincarnation, Jesus’ teaching, and his moral example capture my imagination muchmore than most of Holy Week does. As such, I was grateful to stumble across thispassageContinue reading “Weekly Lifelines 4/14/2022”

Weekly Lifelines 4/7/2022

Holy Week starts this weekend with Palm Sunday and this year, we’re tryingsomething new. Or, more accurately, we’re expanding an experiment I started atthe Sunday evening service in 2019. For a while it’s seemed weird to me that we celebrate Palm Sunday with a brief riteat the beginning of the service and then immediately pivotContinue reading “Weekly Lifelines 4/7/2022”

Weekly Lifelines 3/17/2022

A bunch of St. Luke’s folks gathered last night on Zoom to talk about the affordable housing proposal. (In case you’re new to the topic, we’re looking into selling some of St. Luke’s land in order to build affordable housing. We heard details about the proposal last Sunday during coffee hour and are inviting peopleContinue reading “Weekly Lifelines 3/17/2022”