Weekly Lifelines 6/9/2022

I’ve always been a pretty active person. It’s not something I chose; sitting still fortoo long leaves me restless and moving just feels good. Despite that, when it’stime to start intentional exercise, I often struggle to begin. There are just too manyother interesting things to do and working out is—if I’m being honest—kind of apain.Continue reading “Weekly Lifelines 6/9/2022”

Warden’s Corner 5/19/2022

A few notes of interest to the parish from the May Vestry meeting….. St. Luke’s Finances are OK. Small committees from St. Luke’s and Calvary will meet next week to look for projects we can do together. If you have ideas, contact Justin, Kit Muellner or Diane O’Mara. St. Luke’s will participate in a Diocesan projectContinue reading “Warden’s Corner 5/19/2022”

Weekly Lifelines 5/12/2022

What a week! In the end, nobody in the Chapman house had covid symptoms, we all tested negative, and Elizabeth returned to daycare this morning. Especially knowing how many other people in Rochester—and at St. Luke’s!—have caught it, I feel like we dodged a bullet. I know the covid symptoms for vaccinated folks and littleContinue reading “Weekly Lifelines 5/12/2022”

Weekly Lifelines 4/14/2022

As I anticipate our celebration of the Triduum and our worship on Good Friday, I’maware that the crucifixion isn’t the primary way I connect to the story of Jesus. Theincarnation, Jesus’ teaching, and his moral example capture my imagination muchmore than most of Holy Week does. As such, I was grateful to stumble across thispassageContinue reading “Weekly Lifelines 4/14/2022”