Weekly Lifelines 12/24/2020

It’s been a tough one, this year. From pandemic to protests, social distancing to shelter-in-place, outdoor worship to church online, we’ve made it through challenge after challenge after challenge.

Honestly, I’m worn out on it. Like literally every other human being on the planet, I’m ready for this to end. Ready to get back to gathering with family and friends. Ready to go see a movie. Ready to get back into church to do what I’ve missed so much: Stand close and talk, break bread and share the cup, and sing and pray and laugh with all of you.

Throughout this strange, strange year there’s been one constant for me. In joy, through despair, and across all the territory in-between, the one constant has been the love of God. I experience that in so many ways: with family, in nature, through prayer, in scripture, and especially in community with all of you. Gathered at the table, on Zoom, by phone, over email—in so many ways, I feel God moving between us, offering support, carrying us forward.

That’s what we celebrate at Christmas, the presence of Christ living right here among us, as one of us. We rejoice at God, moving in our midst, reminding us that we aren’t alone. That’s what has carried me. That’s what I’m celebrating tonight, with all of you.
God is here among us, my friends. Let us rejoice and sing!

Christmas blessings, Justin

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