Weekly Lifelines 4/1/2021

Holy Week & Easter Worship Changes

In consultation with the wardens, I’ve made some last-minute changes to our HolyWeek plans.

First, we’re canceling tonight’s outdoor worship service. When I planned it, the temperature was forecast to be in the mid-fifties. Now that it’s barely going to hit forty, this plan doesn’t sound like a lot of fun. Not for worship, and especially not for a meal. Since nothing that makes Maundy Thursday special—foot washing,stripping the altar, nor an agape meal—translates to Zoom, we’re just going to skip it.

Tomorrow is forecast to be nicer. Evening temperatures should be in the mid-fifties, so we’ll proceed with Good Friday outdoor worship tomorrow at 6 p.m.Please bring your own chair and let me know if you’re planning to attend (it helps with possible contact tracing and printing enough bulletins).

Finally (saving the best for last), after Zoom worship and coffee hour on Easter Sunday, I hope you’ll join me outside at St. Luke’s to receive communion. At 10:30a.m., we’ll gather upstairs, outside the entrance to our worship space, for a word of scripture, a prayer, and then communion. Here’s what to expect:

This will be a really quick service because we’re going distribute the bread consecrated earlier on Zoom (we’re not celebrating Eucharist all over again). I’ll distribute wafers only, no wine.

Gather near the upstairs entrance to the church, in the vicinity of the fire pit.

If you want to receive communion but would prefer to stay in your car, I’m happy to bring communion to you. Park on the street by the upstairs entrance to church or in the driveway loop and remain in your car.

After communion, plan to linger and catch up with others as you feel comfortable. (Just keep your mask on and maintain appropriate distance from those who aren’t in your household.)

While I’m disappointed about canceling tonight’s service, I’m really looking forward to our Easter celebration. The first portion of Sunday’s service features trumpets and a small choir recorded in our worship space. Like Palm Sunday’s recording, it’s wonderful to watch. I’m also incredibly excited about distributing communion on Sunday. This has been such a challenging year, the thought of another Easter without sharing communion with all of you was just too much. I’m grateful the weather appears to be cooperating and I’m looking forward to seeing you in person.

If there’s anything I can do to help you though these challenging times, please let me know. There is light at the end of this long tunnel. As God demonstrates in Christ: Darkness does not triumph over light. Evil doesn’t win. Death is not the end.

Hang in there, my friends. Good things are coming soon.

With Easter blessings,


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