Wardens Corner 5/20/2021

A few notes from St Luke’s Vestry’s May meeting of interest to the parish….

What’s happening in and around our church building?

1. Our big sign at the base of the hill by the parking lot has been moved to the drop-off circle by the door accessing the parking lot so as to be better seen;and our faded banner hanging on the fellowship hall has been removed.

2. The water leak in the irrigation system has been solved.

3. Many cars, normally parked on the street, have been in our parking lot as the city rehabs streets, at the request of area landlords. We are being good neighbors.

4. We are moving towards: re-keying the church; upgrading internet access in the nave so we can live-stream services once we can have indoor church again and in the Sunday school rooms in preparation for possible rental; and deciding what to do about the “little library” which continues to be vandalized in its current location.

What’s happening with goal setting/Vestry priorities for the year?

There are 3 areas of concentration (we call the “big rocks”) which you will be hearing a lot about, because we need ALL church members to participate, help,and lead as we work on these:

1. A diverse and flourishing community of members, grounded in Episcopal spirituality. (this will include planning for a post-pandemic pattern for worship and community life, regular and special events, and working to strengthen relationships among current members.)

2. Working together in mission: a shared vision for St Luke’s work in the world,a plan for engagement, and actually doing it. (this will include not only identifying all we are currently doing, but developing a discernment process for deciding on mission and marshaling resources…and then communicating what we do to increase its visibility so that we are not a “best kept secret”.)

3. Mission-servicing finances-healthy and sustainable finances to serve our mission. (this will include exploring rentals with advice from the Property Use and Study Committee, more intentional development through work of Stewardship Committee, and development of a multi-year budget by the Finance Committee.)

In all of this, we are working off our new mission statement:

St Luke’s is

Joyful community

Faithful service

Transformational worship

Growing in relationship with God in Christ

Your Wardens,

Amy Caucutt amycaucutt@gmail.com & Bert Reiman bert.reim@icloud.com

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