Warden’s Corner 9/23/2021

A few notes of interest to the parish from the St Luke’s September Vestry Meeting, and your wardens…

  1. Our Treasurer reports that our finances are still stable. Our expenses are running about $20,000/month. Our members have been regular in keeping up their pledges and we have begun (since July) to generate a modest income from the Duplicate Bridge Club’s usage of the Fellowship Hall. There have been a handful of other rental requests. Let Karen know if you hear of other groups wishing to rent our space.
  2. Look for this fall: outdoor all parish fall event (Oct 24Th) following church service for fun and fellowship, as well as our annual Stewardship Drive (October).
  3. Doug Butler and his wonderful building and grounds committee is slowly progressing toward a solution on our HVAC system’s operation which includes a computer system that is too complicated for volunteers who must manage it.
  4. Exciting new possibilities are being looked into on usage of live streaming and possibly zoom (now that the IT upgrades are available thanks to Jay Bryant) for a more inclusive Sunday morning service involving those who cannot join us in person due to COVID, distance or other reasons. Stay tuned as this develops.
  5. Debbie Whicker and Diane O’Mara ask that members of the our parish continue to be involved in St Luke’s outreach projects: homelessness events and volunteerism as well as our “Operation Backpack” requests from Sunset Terrace and John Marshall High School.
  6. Have you noticed what is new at St Luke’s besides the torn up 22nd Street out front? Our very accomplished organist, David Friddle, has composed communion music that we are now using at our 9:30 (masked and in-person) service. Debbie Whicker painted and updated our St Luke’s sign in the parking lot entry turnaround. Nancy Brubaker (parking lot circle) and Sue Butler (front garden) have created and maintained lovely plantings for us to enjoy.
  7. We are saying goodbye this Sunday to the Parhams who are moving to Colorado in early October. Pete and Sharon have been super volunteers for our parish, and the church in Aurora Colorado will be so lucky to get them!

As always, your Vestry and Wardens welcome your input, your ideas, and your participation. COVID’S resurgence makes this a trying time for us all. Our church sanctuary is still busy for more than a Sunday service. The weekend of Sept 11-12 saw Chris Batchelder’s well attended funeral, a wedding, and 2 baptisms. We need your help and support to navigate successfully thru this together. 😊

Your Wardens,

Amy Caucutt (amycaucutt@gmail.com) and Bert Reiman (bert.reim@icloud.com)

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