Warden’s Corner 10/21/2021

 A few notes of interest to the parish from St Luke’s October Vestry Meeting…

  1. Steady-state finances continue for St Luke’s this fall (It is costing us about $20,000/month to run facility and program). Our treasurer reports that the rentals from bridge club usage have been $400/week, plus $125/week this fall for a community ed bridge class. There have also been a couple of 1 time events (wedding and bridge tournament) which have brought in over $1000. Vestry members are actively searching for other rental opportunities. Please call the church or Amy if you hear of any organizations looking for space to rent, especially in our Sunday School wing, largely unused at the moment.
  2. St Luke’s now has a finalized contract to use for anyone wishing to use St Luke’s for weddings or other events. We learned some things from the September wedding and have included those in our updated offering. Diane O’Mara has headed this up, and we appreciate the oversight of Dan Berndt to insure that we are using correct legal terms etc.
  3. Doug Butler reports that his building and grounds committee is hoping to inaugurate a group of “to be trained” people to become 1st responders for HVAC system problems/situations. Right now the system is working, but we need trained members who can respond when it does not. Let Doug or Karen know if you would like to be trained for this challenge.
  4. Have you noticed that St Luke’s 9:30 Sunday service is now livestreamed on St Luke’s Facebook page? How lucky we are to have tech volunteers (Andrew Altrichter, Clayton Arndt, Jay Bryant, Gary Whicker, and of course, Justin and Karen). Look for the bulletin soon, so that it will be easier to follow along on livestream.
  5. Coming November 7, Faith Formation following Sunday service (hybrid model of in-person and zoom for those at home to participate). These will be interactive learning, not just lecture.
  6. WE ARE ALL SO TIRED OF COVID AND HOW IT HAS LED TO ON-AGAIN OFF-AGAIN EVENTS AND PROGRAMMING AT ST LUKE’S! Oct 24 event had to be cancelled, but we are trying outdoor coffee hour after church when weather permits. Other ideas are in the works for the end of the year and the coming Advent/Christmas season. Please let us know your ideas for this “hybrid season” due to COVID.
  7. Please refer to the Pledge Campaign Corner update for the latest. Still time to get your pledges in so Vestry can develop next year’s budget.

As always, your Vestry and Wardens welcome your input, your ideas, and your participation. Don’t be shy! We know you have much to offer.  

Your Wardens,  Amy Caucutt (amycaucutt@gmail.com) & Bert Reiman (bert.reim@cloud.com)

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