Warden’s Corner

A few notes of interest to the parish from St Luke’s November LONG Vestry Meeting…

  1. Our treasurer reports that our finances continue on the positive side for 2021. St Luke’s needs approximately $20,000/month to operate.
  2. The Stewardship Committee reports 61 pledges totaling $202,998 for 2022 with 2-3 who wish to pledge but cannot commit at this time.
  3. Rental and other income possibilities for 2022 include: a). It appears (no signed agreement for 2022 yet) that the Duplicate Bridge Club will continue to rent our Fellowship Hall for Mondays as well as Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. They pay us $525/week. b). Vestry approved change in base contract for weddings using our facility and property after consultations with staff at Canadian Honker. We will begin advertising on our website ($2000 for all inclusive use and $1000 for outdoor only use) c). Vestry continues to look at opportunities for rental of Sunday school wing to non-profits as well as use of our property for affordable housing projects. We are gathering information as exciting opportunities emerge. Dan Berndt has been especially helpful sharing expertise and contacts.
  4. HVAC system now has a group of “1st responders” who will manage any problems…luckily there are far fewer lately. Thanks to Andrew Altrichter, Jay Bryant, Kevin Graves, Bill Hammer and Doug Butler who calls the group together and gets action from the vendors, and of course Karen Gould.
  5. We also have a team to manage technology issues: Andrew Altrichter, Clayton Arndt, Jay Bryant, Gary Whicker and Justin Chapman.
  6. The Vestry voted to hire All Star Basements to address continuing water issues and needed calking on the East side (kitchen door and large meeting room under the Fellowship Hall)
  7. St Luke’s will begin partnering with Rochester’s Anglican South Sudanese community. They plan to hold services in their native Dinka language Sunday afternoons. Our rector is working with this group as well as the Diocese to make this happen.
  8. Advent is coming! Debbie Whicker has gathered resources to create at-home advent wreaths! These kits can be picked up at church or delivered to you by Diane O’Mara or Kit Muellner.
  9. Annual meeting will occur after church February 13, 2022 (easy to remember as it is Super Bowl Sunday, the High Holy Feast of another American religion=football).
  10. If you are asked, please volunteer: a) We need 7 for a nominating committee. Already saying yes are: Jan Pritchard, Linda McCarty, Diane O’Mara, Clayton Arndt and our rector. b) We need 3 new Vestry members as well as a senior and junior warden. c)  Those with specific knowledge about 2021 activities at St Luke’s will be asked to submit information for the Annual Report. Already signed up to help: Amy Caucutt, Kit Muellner, Debbie Whicker, Diane O’Mara, Doug Butler, and our rector.

Finally, to quote Vestry Member, Shanna Altrichter, as she referred to all the COVID changes/churn/ and sharing of space occurring at St Luke’s during 2021, “Our ministry and mission are becoming clear as a place to create community coming together in welcome, worship and celebration.”  As always, your Vestry and Wardens welcome your input, your ideas, and your participation. Don’t be shy! We know you have much to offer.

Your Wardens,

Amy Caucutt (amycaucutt@gmail.com) & Bert Reiman (bert.reim@icloud.com)

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