Warden’s Corner 1/27/2022

A few notes of interest to the parish from St. Luke’s January Vestry meeting. . .

1. The Vestry approved the 2022 budget of $273,873, proposed by the Finance
Committee. We are so thankful to that committee, the stewardship
committee, rental contracts, and the generous pledgers of St. Luke’s.
Because of a $50,000 carryover from 2021, we will be able to meet increased
operating costs (insurance, utilities, cleaning), increase payments to the
Diocese, and slightly increase wages to church employees.
2. St. Luke’s Annual meeting on February 13 will be virtual, following the 9:30
service, due to the pandemic. So, even those on vacation can join in! Vestry
members and others are contributing to the Annual report which will be
available soon, on line, or by mail. Please attend to vote for new vestry
members and wardens, and hear presentations by church committees
reviewing 2021 and plans to come.
3. The nominating committee has put forward a slate of warden and vestry
candidates to be considered at the Annual meeting: Andrew Altrichter,
Harold Solbrig, and Barb McLeod for Vestry; and Amy Caucutt and Diane
O’Mara for Wardens. The committee is still working on a youth member. This
was the last meeting for Jr. Warden Bert Reiman, and Vestry members
Debbie Whicker and Shanna Altrichter…all of whom have promised to stay
active at St. Luke’s.
4. A committee of 3 (Amy Caucutt, Shanna Altrichter, and Jeff Decker) was
appointed to conduct a performance review of our rector with technical
help from the diocese, this winter.
5. Justin met with the Bishop and the Rev. Rebecca Manyok, a priest from the
South Sudanese Anglican community, and received the go-ahead for that
congregation to meet in St Luke’s space when they (and we) are ready.

6. Vestry clerk, Cathy Botz, led the Vestry in a review of 2021 goals and
accomplishments, based on the “Big Rocks” we set for ourselves in March
2021….when we thought Covid was winding down…. Look for more detailed
information from Justin at the annual meeting. While we are disappointed
that a number of plans were shelved, scaled back, or rethought, we are
amazed at what has come about this year. We have learned to “pivot quickly’
and “be open to following the Spirit”. In many ways our worship is more
“intimate and meaningful”. We have learned what volunteers can do from
outreach to buildings and grounds. This volunteerism along with realizing
that part of our “mission is to make our space usable” to others, has bought
us “breathing space”.

As always, your Vestry and Wardens welcome your input, your ideas, and your
participation. Don’t be shy! We know you have much to offer.

Your Wardens,
Amy Caucutt (amycaucutt@gmail.com) and Bert Reiman (bert.reim@cloud.com)

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