Warden’s Corner 3/3/2022

A few notes of interest to the parish from the February Vestry meeting……

  1. A brief orientation of new vestry ‘how to”s was provided by Justin followed by a longer ‘get to know you” session during which we learned at least 1 heretofore unknown facet of each vestry member’s life. A vestry retreat will be planned later this spring.
  2. Cathy Botz agreed to continue as our clerk and Gary Whicker will continue as our treasurer. Our church is so lucky to have the services of these gifted individuals.
  3. Justin reported that the South Sudanese Congregation has begun meeting at St Luke’s Sunday afternoons
  4. Thankfully we can report again that our finances are stable and positive
  5. Look for the possibility of more weddings at St Luke’s, now that we will soon be advertising on our website with beautiful pictures
  6. A possible “grief and Loss” drop-in group may develop under the leadership of a new member at St Luke’s who is experienced in this (called Thanatology). Look for more information at a later date.
  7. We will have our first “listening session” on potential affordable housing project using some of St Luke’s land after church services, March 13. Dave Dunn of HRA and Rochester Affordable Housing Consortium, and Bill Tointon of WSE Engineering will present and answer questions. They have been asked to:

               i.     review the steps in any process toward development…any deadlines,

               ii.    describe what the housing would look like and how it may be buffered,

               iii.  who would it be for,

               iv.   what other partners would contribute to the affordable project and how, and

               v.    how will affordability be maintained over the long haul

  1. This use of our land is in the planning stages, so bring your ideas and your questions. Background can be found in the Annual report presented Feb 13. ADDITIONAL NOTE: The reason to do this is “missional” as our Diocesan Joint Property Committee advised Justin and myself at a zoom meeting on March 1st. One time money from a land sale will not perpetuate a church in the long haul, even though helpful in the short run.

As always, your Vestry and Wardens welcome your input, your ideas and your participation. Don’t be shy! We know you have much to offer.

Your Wardens,

Amy Caucutt (amycaucutt@gmail.com)

Diane O’Mara (dianeomara@charter.net)

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