Weekly Lifelines 2/18/2021

Lent kicked off yesterday with our observance of Ash Wednesday. It was wonderful to connect with all the folks that dropped by yesterday for ashes and to worship with the group in the evening. 

Lent focuses on penitence as preparation for the salvation given at Easter. To help frame that work, I’ve invited the Rev. Susan Daughtry, ECMN’s Missioner for Formation, to come speak to us about different conceptions of salvation in Christian tradition. She’s joining us this Sunday, February 21, and will present immediately following worship. I hope you can make it! 

For my own Lenten discipline this year, I’m participating in The Big Lenten Prayer Tent. I encourage you to join me and Episcopalians from across Minnesota as we deepen our relationship to God in prayer. More details are at the link and below. 

There’s a lot of information to check out below, so I’ll keep it short. I’m looking forward to seeing you on Sunday for worship and for Rev. Susan’s presentation.  

Yours in Christ,

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