Weekly Lifelines 2/25/2021

This year, I’m following Bishop Craig’s lead for Lent by participating in The Big Lenten Prayer Tent. If you haven’t checked it out, the bishop is asking every Episcopalian in Minnesota to spend five minutes in prayer each day asking for the Holy Spirit’s guidance. 

Each week one of ECMN’s members will introduce a new prayer practice to try out. It’s a chance to try something new or, if that’s not to your taste, to spend a little extra time with something familiar. We’re just a week into it so if you haven’t yet, it’s not too late to start.   

Each day I’ve found myself looking forward to those few minutes of quiet contemplation. This might just be the easiest Lenten discipline I’ve ever tried. I hope you’ll join me, and the bishop, and Episcopalians across the state in prayer. 

On a personal note, I want to express my deep gratitude to everyone who has reached out with messages of support and prayer for me and my family in the wake of my grandfather’s death. I’m carrying all your love with me as I drive to Illinois for the Thursday visitation and Friday funeral. My grandpa was a wonderful man and the world’s a little poorer without him in it. If you’d like to read about him, his obituary is here.

I’ll see you on Sunday.

Yours in Christ,

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