Weekly Lifelines 3/4/2021

As positive test rates for covid continue to decline in Olmsted county, the vestry is discerning how best to reopen for indoor, in-person worship. To help us figure that out, I’ve created a survey for you to fill out.  

The vestry is putting the final touches on a detailed reopening plan that deals with how we’ll clean, sanitize, and use volunteers to keep everybody safe. We’ll share that as soon as it’s finalized.    

We’re planning for indoor worship specifically. As soon as the weather permits and the ground isn’t too squishy, we’ll restart an outdoor service; that’s easy to do. Gathering indoors, however is considerably more complicated.

Restarting indoor worship will take a bit of organization and incur some cost.  To hold worship indoors, we’ll need a roster of volunteers to set up, help people move through the building in accordance with our guidelines, and sanitize. In addition, much of our building has been largely unused for nearly a year. It needs a deep cleaning before we regather and then weekly cleaning after that. We’ll be ready to move on that soon, but don’t want to start prematurely. If no one is interested in gathering indoors until early summer, for example, it doesn’t make sense to get the building all spic-and-span now just to have it gather dust for three more months.

To help us craft a plan, I created a survey. Click here to fill it out. If online surveys aren’t your thing, paper copies are available (call Karen at the church office) or get in touch with me directly (612-618-3826) and we can talk through it on the phone. I’ll collect responses and report them in aggregate (i.e., anonymously). The survey does have an option to provide your name. That’s just to make follow up easier if a response is unclear or if there’s a way I can meet an individual need. I won’t share your name or identify your responses to anyone else without your permission. 

Thank you, in advance, for filling out this survey. Your thoughtful responses will help St. Luke’s leadership craft a safe and comfortable plan for reopening.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments—about this or anything else—please don’t hesitate to get in touch.   

Yours in Christ,
revjustinc@gmail.com 612-618-3826

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