Warden’s Corner 4/22/2021

A few notes from April St Luke’s Vestry meeting of interest to the parish…

  • Treasurer’s report was reassuring. “Our cash position is solid, our expenses are as expected, our income is as planned, and our endowment fund had a good run in the first quarter. Financially yours, Gary Whicker”.
  • The Mission Statement which we will try on for the next 6 months will be:

                       St Luke’s is                                   

 Joyful community                                   

 Faithful service                                    

Transformational worship                                               

Growing in relationship with God in Christ

  • Facilities Use Rental Agreement has been updated to account for the Safe Church requirements of our Diocese. If any church member knows of a group, organization, or person who needs space for an event or ongoing use, please contact Justin or Karen to discuss and get a copy of this baseline contract. We have had some recent interest in potential use during weekday afternoons of our fellowship hall. If rental use comes to fruition, it will be a boon to our finances, but will take some adjustment by us all as we share our space.
  • Zoom presentation on homelessness in Rochester, and what we can do to help will be May 20th, 7-8:30. Calvary Church is co-sponsoring this event with St Luke’s. Diane O’Mara has lined up an informative panel. Shanna Altrichter will MC, and Justin will handle the technology. Area churches will all receive notices asking their members to join us. (Links and more details below.)
  • Reopening for indoor services???? We are anxious to do this, although Zoom Sunday services, as well as Zoom Compline and outdoor communion have filled a need. What are we waiting for?
  • Local and statewide positivity COVID tests need to be below 5%. Last week, Olmsted clocked in at 8.7% even though our county public health reports that at least 68% of us (over 16) have had at least 1 vaccine.
  • We also are awaiting a technology upgrade that will allow us to Live-Stream worship from the sanctuary. We have volunteers working on this, but they do have other things in their lives like jobs and family which take precedence.
  • Cathy Botz continues to PATIENTLY lead the Vestry through a process of setting reasonable (and fun) goals for our church for the coming year. Look for report next month and how you can join in!

 Your Wardens.

Amy Caucutt amycaucutt@gmail.com & Bert Reiman bert.reim@icloud.com

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