Weekly Lifelines 4/29/2021

The rain yesterday afternoon had me pretty worried. I thought we were going to have to cancel again. But a few hours later, the sun was out and the sky was blue. As the sun sank behind the trees, a handful of us kicked off our outdoor worship season. And, wouldn’t you know it, it was really, really good.I’m deeply proud of all we’ve done to sustain the life of our community throughout this pandemic—from building our unique form of online worship and music to our efforts to keep our programs running and our community connected. We’ve experimented with so many different things and found not only practices to keep us together in a pandemic, but even practices we’ll keep after the pandemic ends. Of all those experiments, of all the practices worth keeping, I think outdoor worship is my favorite. I love the connection to creation, the delightful formal-yet-casual mix of liturgy and lawn chairs, the Spirit-inspired conversation, the holy food and drink under the warm sun and cool breeze. I’m really, really happy that we’re doing this again. So I say, in all honesty: If you haven’t experienced our outdoor worship, you’re missing out. Pick an upcoming Wednesday (but not May 12; see below), put“Outdoor Eucharist” on your calendar at seven p.m., let me know you’re coming,and then join us for one of the best things about this pandemic. This spring, we’re gathering in a new location: On the lawn just west of St. Luke’s building (where the Head Start playground used to be). It’s flat and nicely shaded so no one has to stare into the sun. Bring a lawn chair and your own little cup for wine. I hope to see you there soon.


As hinted above, there won’t be outdoor Eucharist on May 12. I’ll be on vacation that week, leaving town after church on May 9 and returning Saturday, May 15. The midweek activities I lead, Bible study and outdoor Eucharist, are canceled that week, but Sunday worship is unaffected. Rev. Beth Royalty, Calvary’s rector, will cover any emergency pastoral care needs while I’m away.

Yours in Christ,


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