Weekly Lifelines 7/8/2021

The week’s biggest news is that our renters moved in yesterday. The Rochester Duplicate Bridge Club moved its equipment into St. Luke’s on Thursday morning and is all set to start playing on Monday. The biggest change you’ll notice is that the fellowship hall now has lots of card tables in it. Part of the agreement is that the club can leave their tables up and we can use them for coffee hour.

It does feel a little weird to be sharing such prominent space—it’s been only ours for so long! As we go forward, I’m holding two things in mind. First, I’m remembering that change is almost always weird and hard, even when it’s good.We are creatures of habit and creatures that grumble when our habits are disrupted, even when we benefit from the disruption. Second, the rental income is a huge help to our bottom line. Rather than having a building sitting mostly empty for most of the week, we’ll have lots of people coming and going—and paying us for the privilege of doing so. I like that a lot.

This new arrangement will probably take a little getting used to, but in the end, I’m genuinely excited about it. We’re putting our building to work making money for us. That is very good news, indeed.

I want to express my deep gratitude to Amy Caucutt, who has done an incredible amount of work to find renters for us. We couldn’t have done this without you,Amy. Thank you!


In a pivot to much more prosaic news, we are still in the process of rekeying St.Luke’s. That is to say, we’ve communicated our plan to Paul’s Lock & Key and are waiting for them to get the work done. They’ll give us the new keys ahead of installing the new locks (hopefully by about a week). That should allow us time to get keys to everyone who needs them before anybody gets locked out. When we’ve got the new keys to pick up, we’ll announce it by email.

Yours in Christ,


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