Weekly Lifelines 7/15/2021

I want to share an image with you. This one, at right,of the Rochester Duplicate Bridge Club’s first meeting at St. Luke’s. When I look at the picture, my reaction to it is still the same as the first time it popped up in my email: Joy.

Here’s what I see: A crowd of people (all vaccinated;don’t worry) gathered for a common purpose and for their mutual joy. And there,in the center, sits an empty chair, pulled back from a table as if to say There’s room for you at the table—come and join the fun!

Admittedly, renting a part of our building that we use so much feels a little weird.It was definitely easier to rent a few basement classrooms to Head Start. We got the joy of helping kids in exchange for a few basement classrooms we weren’t using anyway. But this arrangement—now we have to change the way we do coffee hour! That is hard. And that is why it’s so important for you to see this picture.

This image make clear: We aren’t just trading our space for money. We’re helping to build beloved community. And that is what we, as a church, are all about. We have filled our fellowship hall with community and with joy.

Truly, it’s hard to imagine a better use of our space.

Yours in Christ,


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