Warden’s Corner 8/19/2021

A few notes from August St Luke’s Vestry meeting of interest to the parish………..

  1. Covid Delta variant means that we have reinstated our mask requirement, and discontinued coffee hour until public health and other government authorities state that the present danger is past us. We are rewriting AGAIN, our covid preparedness document required by the Diocese.
  2. Treasurers’ report finds that our cash position is stable. This is thanks to 3 things: lower than expected utilities, the generous personal gift last winter, and most especially the faithful continuation of pledges from the Congregation.
  3. Some things take longer to solve than we had hoped. The HVAV blue ribbon committee will meet Aug 26 to review how to solve the unreliability of our current high tech air conditioning system. Wiring for internet extension throughout our buildings is on hold due to shortage of key component parts.
  4. We are positioned for more rentals. The Duplicate Bridge Club continues (at the moment despite resurgence of Covid). Justin and others have given tours to many parties showing an interest in renting. We have a facilities usage agreement prepared and are designing the final components of a ‘wedding contract” for couples who want to use the entire property. Karen, our Parish Administrator, has a simplified price schedule for rentals if any parishioner wants a copy (in case you hear of a group that needs to rent space).
  5. Look to Lifelines to learn about and participate in new community/neighborhood Outreach opportunities : school backpack program, help for homeless, and donations to the Von Wald Shelter.
  6. The Vestry took initial action steps to implement some of the new ideas/visions that Justin discussed with us in the after-church meeting August 1st. The operating principles for moving forward are: welcome, inclusion/involvement, and eco-friendly. This means we need all of your ideas and energy to bring these to fruition! Watch for after church meetings in late September-October to offer your input and help on: Music diversification (David Friddle, choir, Justin and Cathy Manduca will lead); designing worship space for kids including removal of a back pew (Justin’s family and other young families will lead); additional pew cuts for walkers and wheelchairs (Shanna Altrichter and Bert Reiman will search out people who have designed for disabilities and will lead discussion on this); intergenerational faith formation 3 of 4 Sundays following church (Justin and Diane O’Mara will begin to research topics); “ Intensive” coffee hour 1st Sunday of the Month which may be a brunch (Amy Caucutt, Debbie Whicker, and Shanna Altrichter will lead discussions).
  7. As always, your Vestry welcomes your input, your ideas, your participation. Don’t be shy! This is an exciting time. We know you all have a lot to offer 😊

Your Wardens,

Amy Caucutt (amycaucutt@gmail.com) & Bert Reiman (bert.reim@icloud.com)

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