Warden’s Corner 8/26/2021

We Wardens are making some announcements while Fr. Justin is on vacation until the Tuesday after Labor Day (Sept 7th). If any pastoral needs arise during his absence please contact Karen in the office at 288-2469 or Rev. Beth Royalty: 651-253-5920, rector@calvary-rochester.org.  

In the meantime we were pleased to welcome Father Alan Tilson last Sunday (Aug 22nd). After the service he drove back to Kansas City for rehearsals where he has been involved with an acting company all summer. He baptized little Olivia Kraemer and gave a lively and engaging sermon. For the next two Sundays (Aug 29th and Sept 5th) we will welcome The Rev. Kathleen Charles from LaCrosse. We hope you will attend these 9:00 am services and give her your greetings as she ministers to us. Please wear your masks and know that there will be no Coffee Hour after the service because of pandemic precautions.  

After that we look forward to Fr. Justin’s return and the beginning of our new Fall schedule with our single Sunday service at 9:30 am, beginning Sept 12th.  There will be more details about these plans as the time approaches and the recurring Olmsted County pandemic surge situation becomes more clear.  

Other things to think about this Fall are our Pledge Campaign beginning in early October and our recurring Highway 52 Pick-up that will take place late September or early October. Please see a separate notice in this “Lifelines” for interested volunteers. If you haven’t already volunteered for Highway 52, please read the notice and see if you might be interested. All are welcome!  

Amy Caucutt, Senior Warden

Bert Reiman, Junior Warden 

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