Weekly Lifelines 4/21/2022

What a wonderful week! I absolutely love celebrating Holy Week and Easter, and especially with all of you. And this year, since we got to be back in person and indoors, it was even better. I’m always surprised at how much energy it takes to pull the whole thing off. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to everyone who helped make it happen.

I want to offer special thanks to:

  • Barbara Solbrig, who continues her service, par-excellence, as our one-person altar guild.
  • Bernie and Carmen Garness, for helping to get the church set up for Good Friday and Easter.
  • Clayton Arndt and Kevin Graves, for serving as acolytes and adapting to all sorts of last-minute changes.
  • Charlie and Claire Graves, for carrying torches for our Easter celebration.
  • Kit Muellner for regathering our choir to add their wonderful voices to our celebration, and to all who joined in singing: Kay Batchelder, Claire Graves, Kevin Graves, Phil Green, Diane O’Mara, Jan Prichard, Jane Reiman, Debbie Whicker, Gary Whicker.
  • David Friddle, for playing so great much music, including the Widor toccata (one of my all-time favorites).
  • Karen Gould, who tirelessly runs so many things behind the scenes here at St. Luke’s.
  • All of you for showing up or tuning in to join us in prayer and celebration.

Thank you all for helping to make this a truly joyful Easter!

Easter blessings,


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