Warden’s Corner 4/28/2022

A few notes of interest to the parish from the April Vestry meeting…..

1) A word of warning from our Treasurer on St Luke’s finances. we are spending $22.8k/month but bringing in just $19.8K/month. Part of that is an 84% increase in natural gas costs. These costs should abate if winter ever ends, but we need to pay attention to the income side as well.

2) Bishop Loya has asked that all parishes grant a week of Sabbath to clergy, staff and volunteers. His words “Whatever you need to let go of to make space for prayer, do it. I promise you, it is the best balm possible against exhaustion, burnout, and grief.” A week of Sabbath Justin and Karen will both be granted a week off (on different weeks) as a “Sabbath” as suggested by the Bishop…a sort of comp time for all the extra work they have put in especially during Holy Week, not to mention during our long pandemic.

3) If Covid comes back… please no…the Vestry approved the following policy: “St. Luke’s Rector is responsible for decisions regarding covid-19 mitigation policies and their implementation, with the advice and consent of the Vestry.”

4) Congregational Conversations will begin this Sunday during coffee hour. Justin will lead us discussing 3 topics:

     a. What we want our worship services to be like now that we are emergingfrom the pandemic;

     b. How we are going to accomplish the actual work implied (ushers, acolytes, altar guild etc);

     c. How we welcome and incorporate new people;

     d. Most importantly, how people want to participate. please come and add your ideas (or call the office, Justin, or a vestry member).

5) On issues of St Luke’s property: a small committee is delving in to the “Compelling Why” for use of our land for affordable housing. They will bring back a proposal to the Vestry on next steps for “realizing the value of this banked resource (land) for current support of our mission…and allowing us seed money to dream sensibly”, according to Harold Solbrig. Amy Caucutt was given the OK to contact a commercial realtor about handling rental of our Sunday School space. Gathering and comparing rates is only a first step in any process to rent this space for non-profit use.

Other notes:

  a. Have you noticed the finished “prayground” for young children in the back of the church?

  b. Isn’t it great how many of us have attended services in the past several weeks…so good to be together again!

  c. Watch for some future collaborative events/projects with Calvary once the 2 church committee gets going.

  d. St Luke’s will participate in “No Mow May” so our grass will get a little high.

  e. On a day in August, St Luke’s parking lot will host a mobile outreach unit from Mayo’s School Health Program for our neighborhood.

As always, your Vestry and Wardens welcome your input, your ideas, and your participation. Don’t be shy! We know you have much to offer.

Your Wardens,

Amy Caucutt (amycaucutt@gmail.com)

Diane O’Mara (dianeomara@charter.net)

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