Warden’s Corner 5/19/2022

A few notes of interest to the parish from the May Vestry meeting…..

  1. St. Luke’s Finances are OK.
  2. Small committees from St. Luke’s and Calvary will meet next week to look for projects we can do together. If you have ideas, contact Justin, Kit Muellner or Diane O’Mara.
  3. St. Luke’s will participate in a Diocesan project called “Faithful Innovation”. Participants will attend 3 sessions which will lead to individual growth as well as (hopefully)insight for our whole congregation. Please say, “yes” to this opportunity…..don’t wait for Justin to call you.
  4. Harold Solbrig has developed a thoughtful rationale to present on why St. Luke’s should consider selling land for affordable housing. On Sunday, he will be leading a “walkabout” to view our western property, and then present his thoughts at coffee hour. Be assured that discussions continue and that no decisions will be made quickly, if at all.
  5. In anticipation of preparing for a commercial realtor to look for a tenant for our Sunday school area, we will be doing a “spring cleaning” at a date to be decided in June. Please, if you can, offer to help clean and/or find homes for excess items we have in these rooms.
  6. We started some internal work on vestry processes. We’re looking to tune up how we make decisions, ensure all voices are heard, exercise financial oversight, and delegate tasks effectively. Not the most flashy stuff, perhaps, but really important for our ability to effectively and efficiently lead St. Luke’s in following God’s call.

As always, your Vestry and Wardens welcome your input, your ideas, and your participation. Don’t be shy! We know you have much to offer.

Your Wardens,

Amy Caucutt (amycaucutt@gmail.com)

Diane O’Mara (dianeomara@charter.net)

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