Weekly Lifelines 5/8/2022

It’s funny how things line up sometimes. Just this Sunday, at our meeting after church, I was musing about how we seem to be in a different phase of the pandemic. Going forward, I figured it was unlikely our worship would be majorly affected. Maybe we’d mask up again, but things were looking up, right? Well, yes. And no.

On Monday night, the friends we had shared Sunday dinner with told us that their child had tested positive for covid. The same child who, on Sunday night, played for hours with my daughter. Since they’re both too young to be vaccinated, there’s a pretty good chance that covid spread from their family to ours. As I write this, we’re all still symptom-free. I’m grateful for that but I know that only time and tests will tell for certain.

Given the current covid guidelines and the extent of my family’s exposure, I have to assume I’m in close contact with a covid-positive person until next week. So, out of an abundance of caution, and with the vestry’s advice and consent, I’m canceling St. Luke’s worship this weekend. Having worked through a myriad of different scenarios, I believe this is the best course of action. I expect (and hope) that only this weekend will be affected and we’ll be back to normal for the following Sunday. Check out the worship section below for suggestions for worship livestreams or, if you’re feeling bold, consider visiting a different church (and then report back with notes about what spoke to you and what didn’t!).

I can’t help but feel badly about this. For a few days I spun around the “If Only” whirlpool: if only we’d been more careful, if only we’d asked more questions, if only we’d stayed home, if only, if only…  And yet, I know that this kind of disruption is just part of life in a pandemic. Even while being careful, it’s possible to catch this disease. I’m taking this as a reminder to lean into the forgiveness and love I find so abundantly in our tradition and our community. I’m sorry for what’s happened and I trust that love and grace will endure nonetheless.

Whatever you do this weekend, please consider taking extra covid precautions. Infections are rising in Olmsted county and the new variants are more contagious than previous ones. Most breakthrough infections aren’t too bad, but there remains a non-zero chance of pretty nasty or ongoing effects. As is so often the case, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

I hope you have a good weekend and blessed Mothers Day!

Yours in Christ,


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