Weekly Lifelines 7/23/2021

Did you ever have an idea that you just couldn’t get out of your head? One came to me last Sunday and it seemed really good. The idea was to write about this big, bold plan I have for St. Luke’s. I was going to put it in this week’s Lifelines. But then, some 1200 words, several hours, and a delayed newsletter later, the idea was still only half sketched out. At that point it dawned on me: maybe the idea stuck in my head—to write about this plan in detail—wasn’t all that good after all.  

I’ve been working on this vision months and I’m really excited about what I’ve come up with. I’ve tested the idea out with a few folks and the reaction has been universally positive. People are really excited about it and I can hardly wait to share it with you. Rather than trying to cram it all in to the newsletter, please join me for a special presentation following worship on August 1 in the fellowship hall. I’ll describe my vision for us in detail and answer any questions that you have.  

I can’t succinctly write about this, but I can offer a little preview. My vision for our Sunday mornings includes worship (of course) and music, as well as time for regular faith formation and fellowship. It focuses on building our community and strengthening our discipleship. My goal is for all these activities to be as accessible as possible, and to build our new Sunday morning experience with an eye toward growth. I firmly believe that St. Luke’s can grow, if we choose to make that our focus. My hope is that this new vision for Sunday mornings will be a step in that direction. I’m really excited to share it with you.  

I hope you can join me on Sunday, August 1, following worship to talk more about this exciting vision for our future.

Yours in Christ,


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